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Health Care Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(17 members)

1010 § 8 Study medication optimization. The study must include a review of the implementation of clinical pharmacist-led medication optimization programs in individual, large group, and small group plans, including provider credentialing, billing standards and procedures, providing standards of care, patient monitoring, consistent documentation of outcomes and efforts related to de-prescribing, and structuring an outcome reporting system for medication optimization programs. The study also must include a review of changes necessary to state laws and administrative rules to implement effective medication optimization. The Insurance Commissioner shall assist the Legislative Management with the study and identify and request the participation of stakeholders needed to complete this study. The Insurance Commissioner shall collect and provide to the Legislative Management the data needed to complete the study. The data provided by stakeholders, not otherwise publicly disclosed, must be considered confidential pursuant to Section 44-04-18.4.

1465 § 3 Study health insurance networks, including narrow networks. The study must include consideration of the use and regulation of broad and narrow networks in the state by individuals and employers, the sales and marketing of broad and narrow networks, opportunities for consumer choice-of-provider, and premium differentials among states with choice-of-provider laws; a review of legislative and court history regarding the impact of choice-of-provider laws on exclusive provider organizations and preferred provider organizations and how choice-of-provider laws apply to risk-pooled health plans regulated by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974; the impact of the consolidation of the health care market on consumer cash prices, insurance plan deductibles and premiums prices, and consumer options; a comparison of health maintenance organizations provider network designs and other health insurer provider network designs; a review of how vertical integrated networks utilize HMO plans; and a comparison of premiums of health benefit plans offered in the individual and small group markets in relation to the provider network design associated with those plans along with the growth of value-based purchasing.

2212 § 1 Study prescription drug pricing, importation, reference pricing, and the role pharmacy benefit managers play in drug pricing. The study must include input from the Public Employees Retirement System, Workforce Safety and Insurance, the Insurance Commissioner, the State Board of Pharmacy, prescription drug wholesalers in Canada, and the public.

3014 Study solutions to provider and end-user barriers to access to and utilization of telehealth services in this state.

3015 Study the feasibility and desirability of implementing a community health worker program, including recommendations regarding a definition of a community health worker, the scope of work of a community health worker, the infrastructure for training of community health workers, the development of a community health worker certification process and related training curriculum and continuing education requirements, a strategy for community health worker services being Medicaid-reimbursed services, and private insurers' use of community health workers.

Receive report from the State Fire Marshal each interim on the State Fire Marshal's findings and any recommendation for legislation to improve the effectiveness of the law on reduced ignition propensity standards for cigarettes. (NDCC § 18‑13‑02(6))

Receive report from the Department of Human Services, State Department of Health, Indian Affairs Commission, and Public Employees Retirement System before June 1 of each even-numbered year on their collaboration to identify goals and benchmarks while also developing individual agency plans to reduce the incidence of diabetes in the state, improve diabetes care, and control complications associated with diabetes. (NDCC § 23-01-40)

Receive report by the State Department of Health before June 1 of each even-numbered year, regarding progress made toward the recommendations provided in NDCC Section 23-43-04 and any recommendations for future legislation. (NDCC § 23‑43‑04)

Receive an annual report from the Maternal Mortality Review Committee regarding the identification of patterns, trends, and policy issues related to maternal mortality. (NDCC § 23-51-08)

Contract with a private entity, after receiving recommendations from the Insurance Commissioner, to provide a cost-benefit analysis of every legislative measure mandating health insurance coverage of services or payment for specified providers of services, or an amendment that mandates such coverage or payment. (NDCC § 54-03-28)

Committee Meetings

June 16, 2022 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CDT

Committee Documents

*This meeting can be viewed online at https://video.legis.nd.gov/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2/20220616/-1/24802

March 2, 2022 - 9:00 am to 4:10 pm CST

Committee Documents

*This meeting can be viewed online at https://video.legis.nd.gov/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2/20220302/-1/23734

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