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Education Funding Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(10 members)

1388 § 14 Study K-12 school funding, including transition minimum reduction impacts to reorganized and consolidated school districts. The study must include a review of school districts that have multiple buildings in the district and districts that have built a new building without using traditional bonding methods as a result of a multidistrict reorganization; an analysis of high-cost students, including students who are high cost due to special education needs, medical reasons, agency placements, or any other reasons that increase the cost to educate the students beyond the state threshold; an ongoing review of the impacts of school districts that are off of the funding formula as they transition onto the formula; an analysis of human resource allocation and the duties and needs in elementary and secondary school buildings with a targeted focus on student academic health, behavioral health, and social and emotional health; and a review of student performance data relevant to students participating in virtual learning.

3035 Consider studying statutes governing career and technical education, including statutes in Chapter 15-20.1 providing for the powers and duties of the State Board of Career and Technical Education, reciprocity with other states, cooperation with federal agencies, funding, reimbursement to institutions, gifts, reporting requirements, grants for innovation, elementary school entrepreneurship programs, career development certifications, career advisers, accessibility, impacts on students, the impact of additional career and technical education center student transportation on student transportation costs, and programs of study.

Receive annual report from the Superintendent of Public Instruction by the end of February on the financial condition of school districts. (NDCC § 15.1-02-09)

Receive from the Superintendent of Public Instruction the compilation of annual school district employee compensation reports. (NDCC § 15.1-02-13)

An aggregated report of school districts receiving funds from the elementary and secondary school emergency relief must be presented by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Legislative Management by June 1, 2022. The second school district report must be submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction by December 1, 2022. An aggregated report must be presented by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the 68th Legislative Assembly. (2021 House Bill No.1013 § 24)