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Sixty-sixth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Satrom

Primary Sponsor

HB 1221
Relating to the period of property tax delinquency before foreclosure of a tax lien; to provide for application; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1259
Relating to the misrepresentation of a pet as a service animal; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1260
Relating to the reporting of a mental injury of a child; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1261
Relating to the disposition of proceeds from tax lien foreclosures.
HB 1262
Relating to the expansion of existing school safety and crisis reporting programs; and to provide for a continuing appropriation.
HB 1277
Relating to medically accurate and age‑appropriate sexual abuse education in schools.
HB 1287
Relating to initial teaching licenses for individuals completing alternative teacher certification program; to provide for a legislative management report; and to provide an expiration date.
HB 1307
Relating to special assessments.
HCR 3015
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Management to consider studying best practices to reduce offender recidivism, increase educational opportunities, prepare incarcerated offenders to rejoin their communities, establish and implement a community transitional housing program, including independent host homes, and encourage communities to reintegrate previously incarcerated individuals into society.
HCR 3023
A concurrent resolution honoring the service and devotion our fallen armed forces veterans have made to this great nation.
HCR 3024
Relating to food safety and labeling to allow for standards and criteria to differentiate food products derived from animal products from those derived from laboratory‑produced, cell‑cultured meat products.

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Total Bills Introduced —69