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Sixty-fifth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Keiser

Primary Sponsor

HB 1137
Relating to workers' compensation requirements for general contractors and cease and desist orders; to amend and reenact subsection 16 of section 65‑01‑02 and section 65‑04‑19 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the workers' compensation definition of employee, assignment of rate classification, and calculation of premium; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1139
Relating to joint employer liability protection.
HB 1144
Relating to gas and liquid energy conversion, gas and liquid transmission facility siting, and combining application; to amend and reenact sections 11‑09.1‑04, 17‑05‑09, and 32‑15‑21, subsection 18 of section 38‑08‑02, sections 49‑07‑01.1, 49‑22‑03, 49‑22‑04, 49‑22‑05.1, 49‑22‑07, and 49‑22‑07.2, subsection 1 of section 49‑22‑08, sections 49‑22‑08.1, 49‑22‑09, 49‑22‑09.1, 49‑22‑14, 49‑22‑16, 49‑22‑17, 49‑22‑19, 49‑22‑20, and 49‑22‑21, subdivision e of subsection 1 of section 49‑22‑22, subsection 2 of section 49‑22‑22, subsection 1 of section 54‑17.7‑08, and section 61‑24.3‑03 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to energy conversion and transmission facility siting; to repeal sections 49‑22‑01 and 49‑22‑16.3 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to energy conversion short title and route adjustment before or during construction for gas or liquid transmission line; to provide a continuing appropriation; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1156
Relating to the definition of medical marijuana and prohibiting the payment of workers' compensation benefits for medical marijuana; and to provide for application.
HB 1189
Relating to procurement procedures and exceptions to bidding thresholds for state building projects.
HB 1199
Relating to the definition of subsurface minerals; and to amend and reenact subsection 3 of section 61‑33‑01 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the definition of sovereign lands.
HB 1246
Relating to state employee claims of employment discrimination.
HB 1247
Relating to termination of insurance and duplicate property insurance coverage.
HB 1287
Relating to graduated driver licensing; to amend and reenact subsection 2 of section 39‑06‑01.1, subsection 1 of section 39‑06‑03, section 39‑06‑04, subsection 1 of section 39‑06‑05, sections 39‑06‑14 and 39‑06‑17, subsection 4 of section 39‑06‑42, subsection 2 of section 39‑06‑43, subdivision i of subsection 2 of section 39‑06‑49, and subsection 1 of section 39‑06.1‑08 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to drivers licenses issued to operators, restricted licenses, and class D instruction permit; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1289
Relating to grounds for disciplinary action by the medical board.
HB 1296
Relating to electronic filing of employer unemployment contribution and wage reports; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1336
AN ACT to provide for limitations of penalties for environmental audits.
HB 1394
Relating to autonomous vehicle data ownership.
HCR 3014
A concurrent resolution requesting the Legislative Management to consider studying the various legal notice and publishing requirements of all state agencies and political subdivisions, the related costs required in state and political subdivision budgets, and potential notification alternatives.

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Total Bills Introduced —29