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Taxation Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(20 members)

2166 § 6 Study how city growth and infill development affects property taxes, and evaluate the return on investment for state and community projects. The study must examine various policies affecting city development patterns, including the impact of transfer payments between state and local governments; the cost of government services and infrastructure, including future liability; the amount of tax revenue generated per increment of assumed liability for downtown areas; and whether certain areas of a city generate more revenue than expenses while other areas generate more expenses than revenue.

2166 § 7 Study the duplicative application of property tax incentives, including benefits received by properties located in both a tax increment financing district and a renaissance zone; the duration for which a single property may benefit from the use of multiple property tax incentives; and the impacts on the remainder of the property tax base that is not receiving incentives created as a result of offering property tax incentives

2206 § 18 Study the property tax system, with emphasis on the feasibility and desirability of providing property tax reform and relief. The study must include consideration of all property classifications and taxing districts and evaluate historical fluctuations in property values, the transparency of the property tax system, the processes and procedures available to taxpayers to contest valuations and assessments, the manner in which property tax information is provided to taxpayers, the process of determining taxing district budgets, and taxpayer participation and input in the property tax system.

2230 § 1 Study the feasibility and desirability of providing an income tax credit to individuals for premiums for hybrid long-term care partnership plan insurance coverage and the feasibility and desirability of incentivizing asset protection that may be equal to the amount paid out by the hybrid long-term care partnership plan

Receive annual reports from the Division of Community Services on renaissance zone progress (NDCC § 40-63-03)

Receive annual report from the Department of Commerce compiling reports from cities that have a renaissance zone included in a tax increment financing district (NDCC § 40-63-03(10))

Receive a report from the Department of Human Services before November 1, 2018, on the status of the state-paid economic assistance and social service pilot program and the development of a plan for permanent implementation (NDCC § 50-34-01)

Study the analysis of economic development tax incentives as provided in NDCC Section 54-35-26 (NDCC § 54-35-26)

Receive the compilation and summary of state grantor reports filed annually by the Department of Commerce and the reports of state agencies that award business incentives for the previous calendar year (NDCC § 54-60.1-07)

Receive report from the Tax Commissioner within 120 days after the end of each fiscal year from compiled reports from counties receiving allocations of oil and gas gross production tax revenues describing funds received, expended, and unexpended (NDCC § 57-51-15)

Committee Meetings

October 11, 2018 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm CDT

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