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Agriculture Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(11 members)

1126 § 20 Study practices and procedures with the potential to increase consistency and reduce variability in the sampling and testing of grains for deoxynivalenol (DON/vomitoxin), falling numbers, and protein.

1390 § 3 Study and monitoring the nutrient management plan developed by the State Department of Health.

2020 § 14 Study the State Soil Conservation Committee. The study must include a review of the duties, responsibilities, and related costs and efficiencies of the committee and related North Dakota State University Extension Service staff, the needs of the soil conservation districts, and the necessity to continue the State Soil Conservation Committee.

2245 § 1 Study the desirability and feasibility of creating a state wetlands bank. The study must include consultation with stakeholders to examine land parcels under the control and management of the state which are suitable for wetlands mitigation.

Receive report from the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Agriculture on the status of the committee's activities (NDCC § 4.1‑01-11)

Receive report from the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education on its annual evaluation of research activities and expenditures (NDCC § 15-12.1-17(8))