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Workers' Compensation Review Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(6 members)

Review workers' compensation claims that are brought to the committee by injured workers for the purpose of determining whether changes should be made to the laws relating to workers' compensation (NDCC § 54-35-22)

Receive report from the Director of Workforce Safety and Insurance, the Chairman of the Workforce Safety and Insurance Board of Directors, and the audit firm regarding the quadrennial performance evaluation of Workforce Safety and Insurance and select no more than four elements for inclusion in the performance evaluation (NDCC § 65-02-30)

Receive biennial report from Workforce Safety and Insurance regarding compiled data relating to safety grants issued under NDCC Chapter 65-03 (NDCC § 65-03-05)

Receive annual report from Workforce Safety and Insurance which includes reports on pilot programs to assess alternative methods of providing rehabilitation services (NDCC § 65-05.1-06.3)

Receive report from Workforce Safety and Insurance on recommendations based on a biennial safety review of Roughrider Industries work programs and a biennial performance review of the program of modified workers' compensation coverage by Workforce Safety and Insurance (NDCC § 65-06.2-09)

Receive report from Workforce Safety and Insurance before August 1, 2016, on whether there is an industry interest in using safety programs under NDCC Section 65-03-04 to provide grants to an industry association to provide alcohol server training to employees of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol in order to address workplace safety and public safety (2015 House Bill No. 1416, § 3)

Legislative Council Staff

  • Jennifer S. N. Clark


Vice Chairman