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Economic Impact Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(15 members)

1018 § 25 Consider studying issues related to the state's development of a civilian ground center.  The issues include: deployable pilots, sensor operators, and aircraft; a central location for processing first responder data, including high-definition, high-spectral, infrared, and thermal imagery, as well as electronic signals through cell phones and internet service, generated from the deployment of unmanned aircraft and unmanned systems by first responders during federal, state, and local government responses to emergencies, natural disasters, emergency preparedness, and law enforcement activities; training services; data management, data analysis, data interpretation, and information routing approximating a real-time basis; and a repository of data and best practices for first responders at federal, state, and local levels.

2167 § 1 Consider studying the One-Call Excavation Notice System

2276 § 1 Consider studying issues related to providing natural gas service to underserved communities in this state from available natural gas not otherwise committed in main gas transmission lines near those underserved communities

Receive report from the Emergency Services Communications Coordinating Committee by November 1 of each even-numbered year regarding the use of the assessed communications services fee revenue; and receive recommendation regarding changes to the operating standards for emergency services communications, including training or certification standards for dispatchers (NDCC § 57-40.6-12)

Receive report from the Department of Commerce semiannually regarding status of program to establish and administer an unmanned aircraft systems test site in cooperation with the University of North Dakota, the Aeronautics Commission, Adjutant General, and private parties appointed by the Governor (NDCC § 54-60-28)