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Human Services Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(17 members)

2268 § 2 Study the current system for the diagnosis of, early treatment of, care for, and education of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, including a review of a sliding fee scale for payment of services and the value of services provided; consideration of the recommendations of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force; and input from stakeholders in the private and public sectors, including families affected by autism spectrum disorder, insurers, educators, treatment providers, early childhood service providers, caretakers, and nonprofit intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities

4020 Study the causes of the increases in Department of Human Services' caseloads and program utilization and the impact of federal health care reform

1199 § 1 Contract with a consultant to study guardianship services for vulnerable adults in the state.  The study must include an analysis of the need for guardianship services in the state; the establishment of guardianships; petitioning costs and other costs associated with providing guardianship services; the entities responsible for guardianship costs; and the interaction between the courts, counties, state agencies, and guardianship organizations regarding guardianship services. The consultant shall provide periodic reports and shall provide the final report and recommendations regarding the study to the Legislative Management before June 1, 2012 - Amended by the Legislative Management directive to include study of the efficacy of statutes governing public administrator services and methods for the timely and effective delivery of guardianship and public administrator responsibilities and services

2012 § 9 Study and evaluate the state's qualified service provider system

Receive autism spectrum disorder plan from the Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force before July 1, 2010, and an annual status report thereafter (NDCC § 50-06-32)

Receive annual report from the Department of Human Services describing enrollment statistics and costs associated with the children's health insurance program state plan (NDCC § 50-29-02)

Receive a report from the Health Information Technology Advisory Committee by June 30, 2012, regarding the outline on how best to standardize drug prior authorization request transactions between providers and the payers, insurance companies, and pharmacy benefit managers (2011 House Bill No. 1422, Section 2)

Receive periodic reports from the Department of Human Services during the 2011-12 interim regarding the status of the dementia care services program (2011 Senate Bill No. 2012, Section 6)

Receive reports from the Department of Human Services and its steering committee beginning in June 2012 regarding the development of a new developmental disabilities reimbursement system (2011 Senate Bill No. 2043, Section 1)

Receive report from the Department of Human Services before September 30, 2012, regarding the department's preliminary findings and recommendations concerning its regional autism spectrum disorder centers of early intervention and achievement pilot program, and receive written report from the department before December 31, 2012, summarizing the status of the pilot program and any findings and recommendations (2011 Senate Bill No. 2268, Section 1)

Receive preliminary findings and any recommendation from the Department of Human Services before September 30, 2012, regarding the department's comprehensive review of the substance abuse services pilot voucher payment program (2011 Senate Bill No. 2326, Section 2)

Committee Meetings

July 31, 2012 - 9:00 am CDT

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Committee Documents

January 17, 2012 - 10:00 am CST

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