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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Holmberg

Primary Sponsor

SB 2100
Relating to the beginning entrepreneur loan guarantee program by the Bank of North Dakota.
SB 2232
Relating to general and summary execution of judgment; relating to execution of judgment.
SB 2233
Relating to recording of change of name or identity of mortgagee and the assignment, satisfaction, release, or authorization of foreclosure by a mortgagee; and to provide for retroactive application.
SB 2234
Relating to recording instruments without acknowledgement.
SB 2235
Relating to lender approval of amendment of condominium rules.
SB 2236
Relating to the power of a trustee to transfer property.
SB 2250
Relating to attorney's fees under construction liens; relating to mechanic's and construction liens; relating to outdated mechanic's lien provisions.
SB 2267
Relating to whistleblower protection for public employees; and to provide for a legislative council study.
SB 2408
A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the department of commerce for a base realignment grant program.
SB 2412
A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the state department of health for providing a grant to the North Dakota fetal alcohol syndrome center; and to provide a report to the legislative council.
SB 2441
Relating to treatment of nonprofit cemetery property for special assessment purposes; to provide a statement of legislative intent; to provide an effective date; declare an emergency.
A concurrent memorial resolution extending sympathy and condolences of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly to the family of the University of North Dakota President Emeritus Thomas J. Clifford.

Other Bills

HB 1187
HB 1199
HB 1313
HB 1351
HB 1400
HB 1416
HB 1428
HB 1562
SB 2269
SB 2352
SB 2400
SB 2407
SB 2425

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Total Bills Introduced — 25