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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Wolf

Primary Sponsor

HB 1226
Relating to escrow account treatment of receipt of insurance payments for damage to residences; and to provide a contingent effective date.
HB 1443
Relating to a high school course in consumer finance.
HB 1463
Relating to the creation of a state youth council; to provide for a report to the legislative council; and to provide an expiration date.
HB 1539
Relating to a motor vehicle excise, sales, and use tax exemption for sales and leases of new motor vehicles manufactured and marketed by general motors, Ford, or Chrysler; to provide an effective date; to provide an expiration date; declare an emergency.
HB 1557
Relating to reconvened regular sessions of the legislative assembly in even-numbered years for budget adjustment purposes.

Other Bills

HB 1450
HB 1505
HB 1508
HB 1524
HB 1525
HB 1559
HB 1564
SB 2202
SB 2283
SB 2288
SB 2302
SB 2319
SB 2324

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Total Bills Introduced — 23