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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Griffin

Primary Sponsor

HB 1272
Relating to a sexual act or conduct through coercion.
HB 1333
Relating to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.
HB 1334
Relating to sexual offender registration.
HB 1335
Relating to an income tax deduction for taxpayers who provide home education for their children; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1336
Relating to the issuance of an order prohibiting contact; relating to an arrest without a warrant; relating to an order prohibiting contact; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1534
Relating to special punishment for causing injury or death while under the influence of alcohol.
HB 1535
Relating to the possession of a substance that is not scheduled; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1547
A BILL for an Act to provide student loan principal reductions; and to provide an appropriation.
HB 1565
A BILL for an Act to provide appropriations for property tax relief allocations and state school aid grant increases.
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Council to study the criminal offenses in the North Dakota Century Code for which a monetary amount triggers the grading of the offense, with particular emphasis on the grading of theft offenses contained in North Dakota Century Code Chapter 12.1-23.

Other Bills

HB 1173
HB 1184
HB 1185
HB 1186
HB 1221
HB 1308
HB 1406
HB 1421
HB 1434
HB 1499
HB 1555
HB 1567
HB 1569
SB 2182
SB 2188
SB 2276
SB 2364

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Total Bills Introduced — 29