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Workforce Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(19 members)

2003 § 34 Study the establishment of a higher education student trust fund, including available funding sources

2018 § 18 Study technology-based entrepreneurship and economic development best practices, including a review of best practices implemented by the Department of Commerce and the effectiveness of the Department of Commerce Foundation

2018 § 19 Study the state's system for addressing workforce needs through a workforce system initiative, including a review of the alignment of taxpayer investment with programs, coordination of programs, and the North Dakota workforce strategic plan

2038 § 6 Study the means by which the University System can further contribute to developing and attracting the human capital to meet North Dakota's economic and workforce needs

2390 § 1 Study the establishment and development of certified technology parks

4002 Study the state's workforce system, the feasibility and desirability of enacting legislation to address the issues identified in the 2007-08 interim Workforce Committee's consultant's report, and the implementation of workforce initiatives enacted by the 61st Legislative Assembly

Receive report from the Statewide Longitudinal Data System Committee on the status of the plan for a longitudinal data system (NDCC § 15.1-02-18)

Receive annual reports from the Division of Community Services on renaissance zone progress (NDCC § 40‑63‑03)

Receive report from the North Dakota Youth Council before September 1, 2010, regarding its list of issues and concerns pertinent to residents of this state under age 25 and any recommendations (NDCC § 54-07-11)

Receive the compilation and summary of state grantor reports filed annually by the Department of Commerce beginning in 2007 and the reports of state agencies that award business incentives for the previous calendar year (NDCC § 54-60.1-07)

Study the recommendations of the State Auditor's performance audit report of the Department of Commerce - Legislative Management chairman directive

Committee Meetings

June 9, 2010 - 9:30 am CDT

Committee Documents

May 26, 2010 - 9:00 am CDT

Committee Documents

March 31, 2010 - 8:30 am CDT

Committee Documents

October 7, 2009 - 9:00 am CDT

Committee Documents

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