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Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(18 members)

1129 § 4 Study the structure and requirements of the State Auditor's office necessary to carry out its auditing of political subdivisions, as required by law, including how such audits should be adequately self-funded

Receive annual audit report from the State Fair Association (NDCC § 4-02.1-18)

Receive annual audit report from a corporation receiving an ethyl alcohol or methanol production subsidy (NDCC § 10‑19.1‑152)

Receive annual audit report from any limited liability company that produces agricultural ethanol alcohol or methanol in this state and which receives a production subsidy from the state (NDCC § 10-32-156)

Receive report on writeoff of patients' accounts at the Developmental Center at Westwood Park (NDCC § 25-04-17)

Receive annual audited financial statement and report from the North Dakota low-risk incentive fund (NDCC § 26.1-50-05)

Receive audit report of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association (NDCC § 36-22-09)

Receive annual audit report from a limited partnership receiving an ethyl alcohol or methanol production subsidy (NDCC § 45‑10.2-115)

Receive annual report from the Department of Human Services on writeoff of recipients' or patients' accounts (NDCC § 50‑06.3‑08)

Receive report of biennial performance audit of the divisions of Job Service North Dakota (NDCC § 52-02-18)

Approve the State Auditor's hiring of a consultant to assist with conducting a performance audit of a state agency (NDCC § 54‑10-01)

Determine frequency of audits of state agencies (NDCC § 54-10-01)

Determine necessary performance audits by the State Auditor (NDCC § 54-10-01)

Determine when the State Auditor is to perform audits of political subdivisions (NDCC § 54-10-13)

Order the State Auditor to audit or review the accounts of any political subdivision (NDCC § 54-10-15)

Study and review audit reports submitted by the State Auditor (NDCC § 54-35-02.2)