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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Olafson

Primary Sponsor

SB 2194
Relating to recalls of elected officials of political subdivisions.
SB 2255
Relating to the unauthorized or fraudulent procurement, sale, or receipt of telephone records; to provide a penalty; to provide an effective date; declare an emergency.
SB 2261
Relating to costs of investigation, prosecution or defense, and hearing; relating to hearing of violations; and to provide a continuing appropriation.
SB 2338
Relating to the state board of animal health; to provide an appropriation; declare an emergency.
SB 2378
Relating to the authority of a federal law enforcement agent to make an arrest for a violation of state law.

Other Bills

HB 1164
HB 1178
HB 1280
HB 1282
HB 1303
HB 1362
HB 1370
HB 1446
HB 1501
HB 1514
HB 1515
SB 2149
SB 2331
SB 2374

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Total Bills Introduced — 19