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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Holmberg

Primary Sponsor

SB 2120
Relating to definitions and Bank of North Dakota participation caps for the beginning entrepreneur loan guarantee program; declare an emergency.
SB 2144
Relating to the fees for building permits.
SB 2166
Relating to the definition of wages and salaries and employer contributions for employees of the North Dakota mill and elevator association under the public employees retirement system; to provide an appropriation; and to provide an effective date.
SB 2193
Relating to prohibiting state agencies and political subdivisions from restricting employee access to the legislative assembly; to provide a penalty; declare an emergency.
SB 2216
Relating to payment to redeem; relating to the service of notice before foreclosure.
SB 2217
Relating to abstracter fees; and to provide for a legislative council study.
SB 2218
Relating to title insurance.
SB 2219
Relating to descriptions of condominium units in conveyances.
SB 2220
Relating to recording of instruments by the county recorder.
SB 2221
Relating to the effect of bankruptcy on a judgment lien; relating to declaration of a homestead; relating to cancellation of judgment against bankrupts, service in bankruptcy proceedings, and affidavits in bankruptcy proceedings.
SB 2222
Relating to redemption of property.
SB 2223
Relating to the satisfaction of a mortgage by an assignee; and to provide for application.
SB 2271
Relating to requiring findings or statements upon which zoning requests and subdivision plat requests are disapproved.
SB 2277
Relating to sales under execution.
SB 2299
Relating to city governing body authority to adopt a standard of valuation that recognizes the supply of vacant lots; and to provide an effective date.
SB 2307
Relating to general and summary execution of judgment; relating to execution of judgment.
SB 2356
Relating to the creation of the legislative initiative fund; relating to the budget stabilization fund; to provide an effective date; declare an emergency.

Other Bills

HB 1274
HB 1297
HB 1319
HB 1346
HB 1350
HB 1363
HB 1432
HB 1433
HB 1517
SB 2200
SB 2204
SB 2409

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Total Bills Introduced — 33