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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative R. Kelsch

Primary Sponsor

HB 1184
Relating to the use of handguns while hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow.
HB 1194
Relating to exemptions from high school instruction programs; relating to basic, standard, and advanced programs of high school instruction; relating to goals 2000 and school-to-work programs.
HB 1198
Relating to school district reorganization criteria.
HB 1199
Relating to the open enrollment of students; relating to grounds for denial of an open enrollment application; declare an emergency.
HB 1235
Relating to participation in the North Dakota scholars program by students in cross-border attendance programs.
HB 1246
Relating to dental medical assistance reimbursement; and to provide an appropriation.
HB 1248
Relating to school construction approval and appeals.
HB 1260
Relating to the definition of a nonoperating school district and the attachment of property in a school district dissolution.
HB 1261
Relating to the naming of a school district.
HB 1275
Relating to tuition payments for nonresident students and students participating in open enrollment.
HB 1277
Relating to participation in school district reorganizations.
HB 1281
Relating to school district tuition payments.
HB 1297
Relating to campaign contributions to legislative candidates by certain persons.
HB 1305
Relating to membership on rural school boards; declare an emergency.
HB 1423
Relating to youth operation of off-highway vehicles; and to provide a penalty.
A concurrent resolution designating House and Senate employment positions and fixing compensation.

Other Bills

HB 1147
HB 1148
HB 1172
HB 1180
HB 1191
HB 1230
HB 1234
HB 1243
HB 1249
HB 1270
HB 1309
HB 1320
HB 1408
HB 1478
HB 1491
SB 2140
SB 2146
SB 2165
SB 2184
SB 2188
SB 2200
SB 2258
SB 2297
SB 2309
SB 2313
SB 2314
SB 2387
SB 2413

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Total Bills Introduced — 47