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Industry, Business, and Labor Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(17 members)

1018 § 19 Participate in the Department of Commerce Renaissance Zone Conference to review the list of projects in the state which have been undertaken under the renaissance zone program, evaluate whether the projects have positively impacted the renaissance zone communities, consider options for smaller communities to become involved in the renaissance zone program or a similar program, and make recommendations regarding how the program could be improved to further meet the needs of the state and local communities

1018 § 21 Study the organization, powers, duties, and effectiveness of the Department of Commerce, including review of the legislative history leading to the creation of the department; review of the legislative and executive branch expectations in the creation of the department and whether those expectations are being met; evaluation of the effectiveness of the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation in providing a nonpartisan, private sector perspective to the department's approach to the department's duties; evaluation of the organizational structure of the department, including whether the department should include a division of science and technology; and evaluation of the strategic planning process of the department and its effectiveness

1218 § 2 Study the licensure, training, and classroom education requirements for electricians in this state; reciprocity agreements with other states and the effect of those agreements on standards in this state; and the effect of the licensure, training, classroom education requirements, and reciprocity agreements on the availability of qualified electricians in this state

1299 § 2 Study the regulation and licensing of pharmacists in this state, including an examination of the State Board of Pharmacy, the board's size, the manner of board membership appointment, and whether the board is representative of commercial and noncommercial pharmacists; the state's demographics and the impact changing demographics in rural areas will have on the ability of small, locally owned pharmacies to remain economically viable and of rural residents to access low-cost pharmaceuticals and pharmacy and pharmacists' services; pharmacy ownership restrictions, the relevance of those restrictions in terms of marketplace competition, and the impact of those restrictions on the price and availability of pharmaceuticals and on pharmacy and pharmacists' services; and statutory interplay between the board and the North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association and whether the regulatory function of the board conflicts with the advocacy function of the association

Review Workforce Safety and Insurance premiums, benefits, and accountability and transparency methods and the results of consultant reviews of claims review, human resources, and management areas - Legislative Council chairman directive

1018 § 28 Study issues relating to wireless service providers in the state and how wireless service impacts the business climate in the state

Receive report from the Insurance Commissioner on findings regarding insurers' use of modified community rating for health insurance or health benefits coverage policies (NDCC § 26.1-36.4-06)

Receive report from Workforce Safety and Insurance on recommendations based on safety audit of Roughrider Industries work programs and performance audit of modified workers' compensation coverage program (NDCC § 65-06.2-09)

Receive report from the Commissioner of Financial Institutions before July 1, 2008, on the outcome of the commissioner's study of how the state's building and loan association and mutual savings bank laws relate to conversions of state credit unions to building and loan associations or mutual savings banks and any proposed legislation the Department of Financial Institutions determines necessary to replace North Dakota Century Code Title 7 (2007 S.L., ch. 78, § 7)

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