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Administrative Rules Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(17 members)

1479 § 1 Study the appropriateness of each agency exemption from the Administrative Agencies Practice Act, including discussion and analysis of each exemption and a presentation by each agency entitled to an exemption

2060 § 3 Study the laws providing criminal penalties for violation of the state's laws and administrative rules regulating occupations and professions, including consideration of whether it is the desired public policy of this state to have laws that create criminal penalties applicable to entire chapters of the North Dakota Century Code and entire titles of the North Dakota Administrative Code regulating occupations and professions

Approve extension of time for administrative agencies to adopt rules (NDCC § 28-32-07)

Establish standard procedures for administrative agency compliance with notice requirements of proposed rulemaking (NDCC § 28-32-10)

Establish procedure to distribute copies of administrative agency filings of notice of proposed rulemaking (NDCC § 28-32-10)

Determine whether an administrative rule is void (NDCC § 28-32-18)

Receive notice of appeal of an administrative agency's rulemaking action (NDCC § 28-32-42)

Study and review administrative rules and related statutes (NDCC § 54-35-02.6)