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Measure Actions

Introduced by Sen. Taylor, G. Lee, O'Connell
Introduced by Rep. Haas, Mueller, Solberg
A BILL for an Act to provide school district transportation grants.

01/22 Senate Introduced, first reading, referred Education SJ 162

01/29 Senate Committee Hearing 10:15

02/02 Senate Reported back amended, do pass, amendment poc y 005 n 000 SJ 299

02/05 Senate Amendment adopted SJ 306

Rereferred to Appropriations SJ 306

02/09 Senate Committee Hearing 02:00

02/14 Senate Reported back, do not pass, placed on calendar y 008 n 006 SJ 526

02/15 Senate Second reading, passed, yeas 025 nays 021 SJ 539

02/15 House Received from Senate HJ 737

02/21 House Introduced, first reading, referred Education HJ 758

03/06 House Committee Hearing 11:00

03/14 House Reported back amended, do pass, amendment poc y 012 n 000 HJ1009

03/15 House Amendment adopted HJ1016

Rereferred to Appropriations HJ1016

03/19 House Committee Hearing 11:00

03/27 House Reported back, do pass, placed on calendar y 023 n 000 HJ1233

04/03 House Second reading, passed as amended, yeas 093 nays 000 HJ1363

04/03 Senate Returned to Senate (12) SJ1228

04/04 Senate Refused to concur SJ1255

Conf comm appointed G. Lee Freborg Taylor SJ1255

04/05 House Motion prevailed to place on 15th Order (Unfinished Business) HJ1452

04/09 House Placed on calendar (12) HJ1483

Conf comm appointed R. Kelsch Sukut Hunskor HJ1498

04/13 Senate Reported back from conf comm, placed on calendar (Senate accede) SJ1406

Conference committee report adopted SJ1406

Second reading, failed to pass, yeas 001 nays 046 SJ1406

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