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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Heitkamp

Primary Sponsor

SB 2067
Relating to the use of alcohol by a person under twenty-one years of age; declare an emergency.
SB 2154
Relating to collector snowmobiles.
SB 2155
Relating to findings and declaration of policy of the legislative assembly concerning the use of ground water for irrigation.
SB 2229
Relating to the ethanol content of gasoline, state purchasing of energy, and corporate and individual income tax credits for renewable energy use; relating to the ethanol content of gasoline; to provide a transfer; to provide a continuing appropriation; and to provide an effective date.
SB 2290
Relating to the operation and regulation of private shooting preserves.
SB 2291
Relating to a claimant's ability to appeal a workfoce safety and insurance decision directly to the district court.
SB 2292
Relating to creation of an advisory board for workforce safety and insurance; relating to reference to the workforce safety and insurance board of directors; relating to the workforce safety and insurance board of directors.
SB 2293
Relating to conversion of water resource district water supply systems to water districts; declare an emergency.
SB 2294
Relating to license fees for nonresident wholesale bait vendor licenses; relating to the regulation and licensing of wholesale bait vendors; to provide for transition; declare an emergency.
SB 2295
Relating to issuance of bonds by the Lake Agassiz water authority; relating to water supply contracts and membership of and powers of the Lake Agassiz water authority.
SB 2296
Relating to water permit terms.
SB 2344
Relating to the use of racing commission fee collections.
SB 2369
Relating to nonresident fishing license fees; relating to nonresident fishing licenses.
SB 2390
A BILL for an Act to provide for a legislative council study of city and county development impact fees.
A concurrent resolution expressing the Legislative Assembly's commendation and support for the efforts of the Lake Agassiz Water Authority to deliver water to eastern North Dakota.
(Approved by the Delayed Bills Committee) A concurrent resolution urging the Commissioner of Major League Baseball to reinstate Roger Maris as holder of the single-season major league baseball home run record.

Other Bills

HB 1196
HB 1213
HB 1238
HB 1269
HB 1293
HB 1302
HB 1303
HB 1327
HB 1347
HB 1349
HB 1350
HB 1377
HB 1383
HB 1477
HB 1479
HB 1492
SB 2165
SB 2168
SB 2186
SB 2195
SB 2216
SB 2227
SB 2230
SB 2241
SB 2271
SB 2274
SB 2282
SB 2284
SB 2286
SB 2287
SB 2288
SB 2289
SB 2323
SB 2334
SB 2347
SB 2349
SB 2400

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Total Bills Introduced — 57