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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Fairfield

Primary Sponsor

SB 2220
Relating to crane hunting by nonresidents.
SB 2241
A BILL for an Act to provide for rights of organization and representation of state employees, collective bargaining negotiations between the state of North Dakota and its employees, a state employment relations board, and public employment relations.
SB 2286
Relating to unfair trade practices and gift certificates; and to provide a penalty.
SB 2303
Relating to lobbyist registration and reporting requirements and the authority of the secretary of state; and to provide a penalty.
SB 2313
Relating to theft of services for unpaid wages.
SB 2381
Relating to exceptions to the workers' compensation confidentiality requirements.

Other Bills

HB 1184
HB 1254
HB 1255
HB 1293
HB 1302
HB 1319
HB 1381
HB 1495
SB 2233
SB 2235
SB 2292
SB 2306
SB 2316
SB 2319
SB 2385
SB 2400

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Total Bills Introduced — 23