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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Wald

Primary Sponsor

HB 1046
Relating to the correction of erroneous distributions by the state treasurer; declare an emergency.
HB 1120
Relating to use of social security numbers by workforce safety and insurance; relating to workforce safety and insurance definitions of child and grandchild, the agricultural employment exemption, scholarship fund distribution rules, lump sum settlements, and communications regarding medical treatment; and to provide for application.
HB 1274
Relating to southwest pipeline water delivery rates and charges for large industrial users; declare an emergency.
HB 1306
Relating to the sale of certain state lands by the board of university and school lands to Stark County.
HB 1438
Relating to local governance option advisory studies; relating to local governance option advisory studies.
HB 1520
Relating to driver record abstract; relating to an underage person in a licensed premises with alcoholic beverages; and to provide a penalty.
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Council to study agricultural commodity organizations and the Legislative Assembly oversight of commodity appropriations and charges.

Other Bills

HB 1123
HB 1260
HB 1335
HB 1531
SB 2190
SB 2194
SB 2349
SB 2377
SB 2379

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Total Bills Introduced — 18