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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Onstad

Primary Sponsor

HB 1253
Relating to the registration of limited liability partnerships; relating to the registration of limited liability partnerships.
HB 1254
Relating to approved forms of identification for voting purposes.
HB 1318
Relating to payments in lieu of taxes for housing authority or tribal housing authority property in certain cities; to provide an appropriation; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1440
Relating to the legislative council state-tribal relations committee; and to provide an expiration date.
HB 1446
A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for property tax rebates to owners of agricultural or residential property.
A concurrent resolution urging the United States Army Corps of Engineers to maintain the level of Lake Sakakawea at a minimum elevation of 1,825 feet mean sea level.

Other Bills

HB 1209
HB 1293
HB 1352
HB 1447
HB 1464
HB 1477
SB 2113
SB 2147
SB 2177
SB 2178
SB 2252
SB 2285
SB 2319
SB 2322
SB 2401

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Total Bills Introduced — 23