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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Kreidt

Primary Sponsor

HB 1047
Relating to in-state nursing education standards established by the state board of higher education.
HB 1229
Relating to mobility-impaired parking permits; declare an emergency.
HB 1281
Relating to medical assistance eligibility and long-term care facilities.
HB 1359
Relating to the amount of late payment charges and finance charges on medical bills; relating to the amount of late payment charges on medical bills.

Other Bills

HB 1190
HB 1191
HB 1215
HB 1252
HB 1368
HB 1376
HB 1408
HB 1409
HB 1410
SB 2160
SB 2166
SB 2169
SB 2177
SB 2178
SB 2322
SB 2355

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Total Bills Introduced — 23