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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Kaldor

Primary Sponsor

HB 1307
Relating to workers' compensation social security retirement offset.
HB 1371
Relating to organization and representation of political subdivision employees, collective bargaining between political subdivision employers and their employees, and establishment of an employment relations board.
HB 1372
Relating to workers' compensation rehabilitation services for job search and placement.
HB 1482
Relating to nepotism by city officials.

Other Bills

HB 1242
HB 1244
HB 1303
HB 1379
HB 1405
HB 1429
HB 1459
HB 1460
SB 2222
SB 2230
SB 2300
SB 2303
SB 2321
SB 2337
SB 2349

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Total Bills Introduced — 19