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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Drovdal

Primary Sponsor

HB 1060
Relating to community development corporation formation requirements and board of director requirements; declare an emergency.
HB 1066
Relating to premiums for and coverage of bonds of agents appointed to distribute hunting and fishing licenses or stamps.
HB 1118
Relating to nonresident mule deer bow hunting licenses.
HB 1192
Relating to part-time peace officer authority, licensing, standards, and training; relating to the definition of peace officer.
HB 1193
Relating to preferential landowner licenses to hunt elk.
HB 1194
Relating to contract terms for the cross-border attendance of elementary and high school students.
HB 1207
Relating to the fee for an emergency services communication system.
HB 1400
Relating to composition of the natural areas advisory committee.
HB 1402
Relating to nonresident wild turkey permit fees; relating to hunting of wild turkeys by nonresidents.

Other Bills

HB 1058
HB 1187
HB 1342
HB 1344
HB 1404
HB 1423
HB 1494
HB 1498
HB 1530
SB 2050
SB 2157
SB 2158
SB 2211
SB 2230
SB 2240
SB 2243
SB 2254
SB 2330
SB 2332
SB 2358
SB 2359

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Total Bills Introduced — 31