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Judicial Process Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(15 members)

3014 Study judicial elections and recent federal court decisions affecting the conduct of judicial elections

3042 Study the laws of this state and other states as they relate to the unauthorized acquisition, theft, and misuse of personal identifying information belonging to another individual

4027 Study the legal and medical definitions used for dementia-related conditions - Revised by Legislative Council directive

Study issues relating to the appropriate public uses for the power of eminent domain - Legislative Council chairman directive

Receive report from the Attorney General before July 2 of every even-numbered year on the current status and trends of unlawful drug use and abuse and drug control and enforcement efforts in this state (NDCC § 19-03.1-44)

Receive report, as requested, from the director of the North Dakota Lottery regarding the operation of the lottery (NDCC § 53-12.1-03)

Receive annual report from the director of the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents containing pertinent data on the indigent defense contract system and established public defender offices  (NDCC § 54-61-03)

Receive periodic reports from the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents during the 2005-06 interim regarding the implementation of the indigent defense system, with the first report presented before December 1, 2005 (2005 S.L., ch. 538, § 9)

Statutory and constitutional revision