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Information Technology Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(12 members)

Determine information technology compliance reviews to be conducted by the State Auditor and receive the results of those reviews (NDCC §§ 54-10-28; 54-35-15.4)

Review the activities of the Information Technology Department, statewide information technology standards, the statewide information technology plan, and major information technology projects; review cost-benefit analyses of major projects; conduct studies; and make recommendations regarding established or proposed information technology programs and information technology acquisition (NDCC § 54-35-15.2)

Receive from the Chief Information Officer recommendations of the department’s advisory committee regarding major software projects for consideration and the drafting of appropriate legislation to implement the recommendations (NDCC § 54-59-02.1)

Receive report from the Chief Information Officer regarding the coordination of services with political subdivisions, and from the Chief Information Officer and the commissioner of the State Board of Higher Education regarding coordination of information technology between the Information Technology Department and higher education (NDCC § 54-59-12)

Receive report from the Information Technology Department regarding any executive branch state agency or institution that does not agree to conform to its information technology plan or comply with statewide policies and standards (NDCC § 54-59-13)

Receive annual report from the Information Technology Department (NDCC § 54-59-19)

Legislative Council Staff

  • Roxanne Woeste
  • Jim W. Smith

Vice Chairman

Citizen Members

  • Lisa Felder, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Department
    State Capitol
    Bismarck, ND 58505