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Industry, Business, and Labor Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(19 members)

1010 § 12 Study the appropriate minimum standard of loss ratio for accident and health insurers and whether that loss ratio is more appropriately set by statute or by rule

1195 § 7 Study the feasibility and desirability of requiring professional employer organizations operating in North Dakota to register with the state, including consideration of how other states address the issue of registration of professional employer organizations

1198 § 1 Study reemployment processes and costs and an appropriate method for providing a limitation on the total average number of job-attached unemployment insurance claimants

1260 § 1 Study public improvement contracts and issues relating to use of multiple bids versus single prime bids, construction management, professional liability and indemnification, and design-build delivery systems

1332 § 3 Study the pharmacy benefits management industry, including the extent of competition in the marketplace for health insurance and prescription drugs; whether protecting the confidentiality of trade secret or proprietary information has a positive or negative impact on prescription drug prices; the ownership interest or affiliation between insurance companies and pharmacy benefits management companies and whether such relationships are good for the consumer; the impact of disclosure of information regarding relationships between pharmacy benefits management companies and their customers; the use of various cost-containment methods by pharmacy benefits managers, including the extent to which pharmacy benefits managers promote the use of generic drugs; the actual impact of the use of pharmacy benefits management techniques on community pharmacies; the impact of mail service pharmacies on consumers and community pharmacies; the impact of generic and brand name drugs in formulary development, drug switches and mail order operations, as well as spread pricing, data sales, and manufacturers' rebates and discounts; the price consumers actually pay for prescription drugs in North Dakota; and consideration of the legality of imposing statutory restrictions on pharmacy benefits managers

2018 § 9 Study the implementation by Job Service North Dakota of a shared work demonstration project

3040 Study the unemployment insurance tax rate structure; the structure's impact on the unemployment insurance trust fund, with special focus on the impact of the current unemployment insurance tax structure on new businesses; the historical cyclical risks faced by the industries in which new businesses are beginning to operate; and whether the unemployment insurance tax impact is reasonably favorable to the desired economic development of the state

Receive report from the Agricultural Research Board on its annual evaluation of research activities and expenditures (NDCC § 4-05.1-19(8))

Receive report from Workforce Safety and Insurance on recommendations based on safety audit of Roughrider Industries work programs and performance audit of modified workers’ compensation coverage program (NDCC § 65-06.2-09)

Receive report from the Insurance Commissioner before July 1, 2006, on the outcome of the commissioner’s compilation of existing data regarding the state’s liability insurance marketplace  (2005 S.L., ch. 151, § 21)