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Measure Actions

Introduced by Rep. Rennerfeldt, Drovdal, Kempenich, S. Meyer
Introduced by Sen. Lyson, Wardner
A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 38-13 of the North Dakota
Century Code, relating to the appointment of a trustee for and disposition of the proceeds of
mineral interests whose owner is absent; and to amend and reenact subdivision c of subsection
3 of section 38-08-08, subdivision c of subsection 3 of section 38-08-09.4, and sections
38-13-02 and 38-18.1-03 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to nonparticipating owners
in the development of oil and gas interests in spacing units and plans of unitization and
institution of proceedings to establish a mineral trust for absent owners and termination of
mineral interest.

01/17 House Introduced, first reading, referred Natural Resources HJ 176

01/28 House Committee Hearing 08:45

02/11 House Reported back amended, do pass, amendment poc y 014 n 000 HJ 579

02/14 House Amendment adopted, placed on calendar HJ 591

02/16 House Second reading, passed, yeas 091 nays 000 HJ 671

02/17 Senate Received from House SJ 606

02/24 Senate Introduced, first reading, referred Finance and Taxation SJ 645

03/07 Senate Committee Hearing 08:45

03/14 Senate Reported back, do not pass, placed on calendar y 004 n 001 SJ 808

03/15 Senate Second reading, failed to pass, yeas 008 nays 038 SJ 822

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