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Measure Actions

Introduced by Finance and Taxation Committee
(At the request of the Tax Commissioner)
A BILL for an Act to amend and reenact sections 11-13-12, 11-18-02, and 40-63-05, subsection 4
of section 57-02-01, subsection 3 of section 57-02-08.3, and sections 57-06-19, 57-12-09,
57-14-08, and 57-55-01 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to liens noted in auditor's
certificates on deeds and other instruments for the transfer of property, recording of certain
instruments related to the transfer of property affected by liens, the status of property tax
exemptions within renaissance zones, the definition of centrally assessed property, duties of
recorders regarding property upon which liens have been created under the homestead credit for
special exemptions, references to true and full value for ad valorem assessments, duties of
special assessors to notify real estate owners when reassessing land and improved property,
and the definition of utility services as applied to the taxation of mobile homes; to repeal
sections 57-06-17 and 57-45-03 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the allocation of
the assessment of operative property constituting a single and continuous property and the
furnishing of lists of lands added to or taken from tax rolls; and to provide an effective

01/04 House Introduced, first reading, referred Finance and Taxation HJ 54

01/10 House Committee Hearing 10:20

01/18 House Reported back amended, do pass, amendment poc y 014 n 000 HJ 197

Amendment adopted, placed on calendar HJ 215

01/24 House Laid over one legislative day HJ 237

01/25 House Second reading, passed, yeas 089 nays 001 HJ 256

01/26 Senate Received from House SJ 175

02/07 Senate Introduced, first reading, referred Finance and Taxation SJ 326

03/14 Senate Committee Hearing 09:30

Reported back, do pass, placed on calendar y 005 n 000 SJ 805

03/15 Senate Second reading, passed, yeas 046 nays 000 SJ 820

03/16 House Returned to House HJ1134

03/18 House Signed by Speaker HJ1193

03/21 Senate Signed by President SJ 930

03/23 House Sent to Governor HJ1259

03/23 House Signed by Governor HJ1763

03/23 House Filed with Secretary of State

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