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Budget Committee on Human Services

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(16 members)

2012 § 14 Study administrative costs of human service programs, including costs incurred by the central office of the Department of Human Services, human service centers, and county social services, and review the effects of the 1997 "swap" legislation on state and county human service program costs

4001 Study the delivery of services and the cost versus benefit of those services provided by the eight human service centers, the possibility of combining service centers, the administrative costs of the centers related to the programs and clients served, and third-party reimbursement and competition with private providers

Receive reports during the 2003-04 interim from the Department of Human Services regarding the department's progress in developing a fee-for-service payment system for treatment or care centers (NDCC § 25-18-12)

Receive report from the Children's Services Coordinating Committee at least twice during the 2003-04 interim on the amount of "refinancing" funds generated and the uses of the funds for the 2003-05 biennium (2003 S.L., ch. 14, § 5)

Receive certification from the Department of Human Services by October 1, 2004, of whether the department and developmental disabilities service providers have reached an agreement on a new fee-for-service system (2003 S.L., ch. 231, § 5)