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Budget Committee on Human Services

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(18 members)

1012 § 18 Study the senior citizen mill levy matching grant program

1196 § 29 Study the long-term care needs and the nursing facility payment system in North Dakota

2354 § 1 Study the feasibility and desirability of an alternatives-to-abortion services program that would provide information, counseling, and support services to assist women to choose childbirth and to make informed decisions regarding the choice of adoption or parenting

4034 Study the issues and concerns of implementing charitable choice, the privatization of federally funded welfare services through faith-based organizations

Approve revised administration of the temporary assistance for needy families program by the Department of Human Services (NDCC § 50-09-29)

Receive quarterly report from the Department of Human Services during the 2001-02 interim regarding the progress in cooperating with developmental disabilities services providers representing each of the eight human service regions in the preparation of a joint recommendation for consideration by the 58th Legislative Assembly regarding a new statewide developmental disability services provider reimbursement system (2001 S.L., ch. 438, § 1)