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Education Finance Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(21 members)

2162 § 13  Study the provision of education to public school students in this state and the manner in which education to public school students will be delivered in the ensuing 5, 10, and 20 years

3054  Study accreditation standards for elementary and secondary schools, including optional accreditation standards, the fiscal impact of accreditation standards, and the waiver of accreditation standards based on student performance

4031  Study the method by which the state funds special education services

4042  Study the feasibility and desirability of developing and implementing statewide academic standards for and assessments of elementary and high school students and a system of accountability at the school and school district level

Receive report from the Superintendent of Public Instruction regarding the content of the financial reports from school districts and specific actions taken to account for transfers from school district general funds, to eliminate or reduce variations in the reporting of data, and to ensure that the financial data is available in a form that allows for accurate and consistent comparisons (1999 S.L., ch. 35, § 18)