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Budget Committee on Health Care

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(19 members)

1004 § 9  Study the State Department of Health’s comprehensive plan for a community health grant program

3046  Study the challenges facing the delivery of health care in this state, including the concerns relating to reimbursement of hospitals for medical services, technological innovation, and possible regionalization of services

3070  Study health care in this state relative to access, quality, and cost to determine essential health care services, critical providers, access sites, and geographic, demographic, and economic issues relating to health care including health care insurance

4004  Study the possibility of creating an incentive package to assist rural communities and nursing facilities in closing or significantly reducing bed capacity and providing alternative long-term care services

Receive annual report from the Department of Human Services describing enrollment statistics and costs associated with the children’s health insurance program state plan (NDCC § 50-29-02, effective October 1, 1999)

Receive annual report during the 1999-2000 interim from the Department of Human Services and the Board of Nursing regarding progress in preparing a joint recommendation regarding administration of medication, and by December 10, 2000, receive certification from the department regarding satisfaction of the reporting and recommendation requirements (1999 S.L., ch. 376, § 3)

Committee Meetings

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