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Agriculture Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(24 members)

2356 § 1  Study the feasibility and desirability of forming a multistate agricultural marketing commission for the purpose of marketing agricultural products on behalf of agricultural producers

3045  Study grain credit-sale contracts to determine the need to provide protection for farmers against grain warehouse and grain buyer insolvency

3055  Study the extent of and remedies for damage caused to landowners from depredation by big game animals, waterfowl, and turkeys and damage caused to property by hunters - by Legislative Council chairman authorization, expanded to include damages caused to landowners by all game and nongame animals

Receive report from Agricultural Research Board on its annual evaluation of research activities and expenditures (NDCC § 4-05.1-19)

Receive periodic reports during the 1999-2001 biennium from the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education on its activities associated with researching and developing market opportunities for biotechnologically enhanced crops (1999 S.L., ch. 21, § 13)