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Grand Forks, ND
United States

  • Owner, Dr. Eliot’s Twice Sold Tales
  • BS, Wesleyan University; MA, PhD, University of New Mexico
  • Former Policy Analyst, Northern Great Plains Inc.; Former Grant Writer, ND Museum of Art; Former Office Manager, Sen. Quentin Burdick; Editor: Voices from the Flood, Behind the Scenes: Leadership in a Natural Disaster; Author: Passing Through, Sweet Land of Decency - America’s Quest for a More Perfect Union, Foreign Exchange, The Restless Giant; Grand Forks City Council, 1982-2012; Board, RRV Habitat for Humanity; Board, Near North Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Married (Dyan Rey); 2 children
  • House 1975; 1993-2016
Glassheim, Eliot
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Glassheim, Eliot
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