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Commerce and Agriculture Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(17 members)

2019 § 12 Study economic development functions in this state, including the Bank of North Dakota programs, Technology Transfer, Inc., the North Dakota development fund, the Department of Economic Development and Finance, and other related state agencies

3046 Study the availability of affordable housing for middle income households, for the elderly, and in rural areas of this state - by Legislative Council directive, expanded to include all income levels

Review current laws and rules on animal confinement feeding operations in this state - Legislative Council chairman directive
Receive report from Agricultural Research Board on its annual evaluation of research activities and expenditures (NDCC § 4-05.1-19)

Receive annual report from the State Board of Animal Health (NDCC § 36-01-08.3)

Receive annual reports from the Department of Economic Development and Finance on loan performance and performance of the department (NDCC § 54-34.3-04)

Receive report from Workers Compensation Bureau regarding its safety audit of Roughrider Industries work programs and its performance audit of the modified workers’ compensation coverage program (NDCC § 65-06.2-09, effective until July 1, 2003)

Receive periodic reports from the State Board for Vocational and Technical Education on its progress in coordinating statewide access to work force training programs (1997 S.L., ch. 32, § 17; ch. 49, § 7)

Receive report from Agricultural Experiment Station on its study of feasibility and desirability of industrial hemp production in this state (1997 S.L., ch. 56, § 1)

Receive report from Workers Compensation Bureau regarding its study of its wage-loss benefits structure (1997 S.L., ch. 527, § 7)

Receive reports from Job Service North Dakota relating to any administrative changes, statutory changes, and changes in the unemployment insurance tax structure that may be proposed by Job Service for consideration by the 1999 Legislative Assembly - Legislative Council chairman directive